Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dang Me

That early Roger Miller hit contains one of my all-time favorite song lyrics:
“I lack fourteen dollars havin’ 27¢.”

That came to mind when I heard that our federal government is projecting $9 trillion in deficits over the next ten years.

Those of us in the real world can’t run our businesses like that. We’ve got to operate in the black.

That’s why we’ve had to make painful cutbacks in staff, work longer hours, and generally make do with less.

In times like these private sector owners and employees alike take less pay home, have fewer benefits, and a lot less job security than, say, DMV workers.

But the private sector has one thing the government will never have: blue sky. We have the potential of success, of maybe even becoming the next FedEx. At the very least, we control our own destiny.

And frankly, though a recent CNN feature said that garment manufacturing in the U.S. has shrunk 60% since 2000, I think that sewing is still a great industry for an entrepreneur.

Case in point: FSB Magazine profiles several small businesses each month from startups to established firms. You’d be surprised how many of their articles feature sewing businesses (many of whom are SouthStar customers!).

The fashion industry, you see - which is not just apparel, but in some way practically everything sewn - is and always will be a dynamic market allowing lots of room for innovation, ambition, and hard work.

In a recession like this, it’s easy to feel you’re getting nowhere when you’re working too many hours for too little gain. But I am here to tell you, you are not alone. I speak with dozens of you a day. There are thousands of you out there. You are, really, the backbone of the economy.

And while our government may be $9 trillion shy of having 27¢, you’ve got a going business and the potential for a lot more once the recession abates. As long as the dang government will just stay out of the way...