Monday, March 1, 2010

Sewing Business Resources

This time around, I'm going to depart from my usual diatribe against big government, high taxes, and excessive regulation which make it ever harder for sewing business entrepreneurs to make it in this world. So nary a word about any of that!

Instead, noting that our business is not otherwise breaking any records, I am pleased to report that we had more online orders in January that for any previous month in our history.

So I think it appropriate to point out one of the best pages on our site to all you web surfing sew-ers: the page called "Sewing Business Resources". It is easily ignored or overlooked , but you can click to it right from the top of any page of our site.

Frankly our web editing software isn't the best, so the page is not very attractive, but it does have a lot to offer you. Right at the top of the left hand side is a list of items on the page which you can click on to get right to them.

For example, let's say you need a part for your sewing machine but you don't know the number. You will get much better and faster service from us if you call here knowing the number. Just click on "Parts Diagrams, Sewing Machines" and you'll be moved down the page to a list of sewing machine manufacturers that links to the site pages on which they have parts diagrams available for downloading.

There are also listings of trade shows, magazines, and other web sites and companies that can help you get the information you need to run your business better, not to mention our "Made in U.S.A. Showcase" where you can have your web site listed free gratis.

The pages change frequently, so don't think once you've seen it, that's all there is. And if you have suggestions for improving it, please speak up.

And thank you thank you thank you for your business!