Sunday, August 1, 2010

Made in USA: New Balance Running Shoes

For obvious reasons we're rather big on Made in USA around here. The Made in USA Showcase on the Sewing Business Resources page of our web site is a great place to shop. But the truth is, it's pretty hard to be a Made in USA purist these days when most retailers rely so heavily on imported merchandise - ourselves included. For example there are very few sewing machines or parts made in the U.S. today. The same is true for high volume sewn goods.
So I am very glad to report that you can still get some damn good running shoes made in the U.S.A. from New Balance. I've got some myself, pictured here. They're great. Next time you're buying athletic shoes, take a look at what New Balance has to offer. And note that they say Made in USA right up front. (Also note that New Balance does source source some of its shoes elsewhere, so be sure to pay attention to the source info for each particular model you consider.)