Friday, October 15, 2010

Nashville Sew-Biz Meet & Greet

For years I've wanted to get all the folks together who are somehow involved in the business of commercial sewing locally. Finally I'm doing something about it.

On the surface that may not sound like much. Thirty years ago when I started out in this industry that would have included several factory managers representing thousands of sewing machines. Not today. But today it's even more interesting, if not as lucrative.

Today in and around Nashville there are a whole bunch of creative entrepreneurial type individuals who are doing everything from embroidery to upholstery, from patternmaking to high fashion, making a living or at least part of a living from sewing. Many of them are our customers. And frequently we get asked, "Where can I get such and such?" or "Who does sew and sew?"

Well, if you're one of those people, please join us at SouthStar on Sunday, December 7, from 4-6pm for the first ever Nashville Sew-Biz Meet & Greet. This is a chance to let other folks in the local sewing industry know who you are and find out who they are. It's that simple. I promise we're not selling anything. In fact we will provide refreshments and delicious snacks free gratis! Dress is casual.

Simply RSVP to us by October 31 if possible via

Ya'll come!

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