Saturday, November 6, 2010

Made in USA: Union Line Men's Work Shirts

For someone who makes a big part of his living from the fashion industry, I'm a terrible shopper. I'm resistant to changes in style, for one thing. Even that's pretty much a moot point, as I wear clothes until they're full of rips and stains. And I h-a-t-e going into clothing stores.

Today it's Saturday and I've got chores to do, so I'm in my overalls. I can't put change in the right pocket because it falls right through. I don't dare unsnap the right chest snap because it's holding on by threads. And I can't close the upper side snaps because I've developed a bit of a middle age belly since I bought these things some ten years ago. I have intended to buy some new ones for some time, especially since I've found a couple of different Made in U.S.A. sources, but these still serve the purpose...

When I do shop, I always look for made in U.S.A., of course, and I'm happy to report that I've found a good source of American made shirts. Not the dressiest shirts--those are still available from some custom sources--but just some good average woven cloth shirts appropriate to wear to the office or out to dinner without a tie. One is pictured at left.

I've bought from a couple of sites in the past few years but my most recent purchase was from a site called All Seasons Uniforms. I am especially pleased with them. Service was prompt, the fabric and fit are good, and so far they're holding up well in the laundry.

So if you're going to spend some money on clothes, try supporting your fellow sew-biz professionals by spending it stateside first!

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