Saturday, March 5, 2011

ABC World News: Made in America

This past week ABC World News with Diane Sawyer has been running a series of reports entitled "Made in America", a favorite subject around here in SouthStarland.

I've just watched several of the reports on my laptop this rainy Saturday morning. They are excellent. My favorite is the one about the fellow who spent a year buying exclusively Made in America. Toward the end he makes a great observation, that you can go local, go green, etc., simply by taking the time to look at the label and choose the Made in USA product which is often on the shelf right next to an import.

An economist and a talk show host were talking about this very series a couple of days ago on the radio station I listen to here in Nashville. The host was pointing out that one of the claims made by someone connected to the series is that if every American just bought something like 1% a year more in American made products it would translate into so many hundred thousand jobs. Then the economist pointed out that jobs gained that way would translate into jobs lost by folks working in the import industry. And on and on it went. The same arguments back and forth that came up about NAFTA and that always revolve around globalism in general.

I don't think anyone is really against free trade and everyone recognizes that we live in a global economy whether we want to or not. The point is that you can't have free trade without fair trade, without everybody playing by the same rules. And America has become the rule-makingest society in the world, setting our industries up as an easy target for everybody else in the world who doesn't follow those same rules.

Anyway, back to the subject, ABC has done a dandy job with this series of presenting something we at SouthStar see all day long every day - that Americans still make good products and no matter what, you can't go wrong buying Made in America products. Get on out there and find one to buy right now!

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  1. Well said about free trade John. It hasn't been free since they passed the law