Sunday, April 10, 2011

Made in USA: L.L. Bean Men's Belts

Once again I resort to my ol' buddy L.L. Bean for a couple of American made gems.

Back approximately in the Neolithic age when I was a young wayfarer to exotic locales, somebody had the good sense to give me a money belt. I have worn one ever since, and to tell you the truth, I think I've only been through two of them. I've had little experience with serious crime in my life, even when we used to have an office in Mexico, but I can attest to the money belt gambit working at least once in the span of the decades. And that was right here in Nashville when three youthful thugs held me up at gunpoint in front of our old office. Not a one of those young Einsteins thought to ask me for the money in my belt.

The last belt had performed years of faithful service but it was on its last leg. Indeed, shortly after my new belt arrived from L.L., the strap broke. The new belt is very handsome, well made, and of course made in the U.S.A. Note that a folded bill fits nicely behind the zipper. There's room for about five bills folded such. The belt is listed as the Chino Belt with Money Zip. Be careful which one you purchase, as some are imported.

Finally, I found yet another type of American made belt at L.L. Bean. Shown at left, it's a really good deal in that it is reversible, includes an extra strap, and adjusts perfectly to fit the comings and goings of the middle-aged belly. This one is known as the Four-In-One-Belt.

And that concludes my belt shopping for the year. Or perhaps the decade.

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