Thursday, April 7, 2011

♪♪ “My Baby is American Made…” ♪♪

It’s clear from talking to you folks out there in customer-land that many of you were not even born when the Oak Ridge Boys had a hit with this song in 1983.

The song related that so many things in life were now imported but at least the most important thing was still American made—the girlfriend!

The fact that “American Made” was written almost thirty years ago gives some perspective on where we are today. After thirty more years of the push to globalization, it’s harder than ever to find American made products.

But not if you’re a SouthStar customer! For one thing, you can go to our web site and find a big long list of other folks like you in the sewing industry making things right here in the U.S. Just click on “Sewing Business Resources” to get to our Made in America Showcase. And drop us a line if you’d like your company added.

Also, you can read our blog “SouthStar Says” (which can also be accessed from the Resources page) authored by Yours Truly. I have several reviews on the blog of American made sewn products that I buy and wear or use, and the number is growing. In fact, look for a review soon of some fabulous cargo shorts I’ve recenty acquired, some polo shirts, and a couple of belts, all made here in the U.S.

Now, let me clarify: we are not anti-import. In fact, as you know, we sell a lot of very fine imported products. But we love to champion U.S. manufacturing because that’s our “home team”—and of course it’s good for business!

Putting our money where our mouth is, this month we’ve greatly expanded our line of American-made Heritage Scissors. You may have noticed that some old American name brand scissors you’re used to using are no longer American made. Give Heritage scissors a try. They are excellent!

And then you can sing as you work:

♪♪ “My scissors are American made…” ♪♪

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