Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Product: Cork-Top Cutting Table

We've had many requests over the years for cork tops on our cutting tables. Designers like to pin their patterns into a cork surface while working with them. I'm glad to report we finally have cork tops available, both for ordering with a new cutting table and in sheets for applying to an old table.

Although I have yet actually to see the cork in person, it is described as a 1/4" thick "self-healing" cork. In other words, when you pull a pin out, the hole closes back up so you still have a smooth surface for your next use. Our table company rep says it's "pretty slick stuff" - that's slick as in nifty, not slippery.

If you order it with a new table, the cork is delivered already laminated to the standard table tops. Free-standing, the cork comes on 4' wide rolls. If you want to retrofit cork to an existing table, we will cut the 4' wide sheeting to whatever length you need, but if you require wider than 4', you'll have to piece it.

Unfortunately we do not have a recommended method of applying the cork to an existing top, so you're on your own there. Glue doesn's seem to work too well, according to the table manufacturer, which is why they laminate it. But you can't do that out in the field. Double sided carpet tapes comes to my mind. If we get a good report on using that, or some other method, I'll pass it along.

We price the cork by the square foot and price it as an option, so if you'd like a quotation, please contact us.

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