Tuesday, August 2, 2011

100 million dollars...

That's how much siblings Catherine, David, and Geoff Cook got in cash and stock for the sale in July of their social networking site, myYearbook.com, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Catherine is only 21, David 22, and Geoff 36. Catherine and David cofounded the site when she was just 15. Older brother Geoff funded it out of proceeds from a site he had previously created and sold.

I myself have been working on my first $100 million for longer than Catherine has been alive. I've got a ways to go yet, but still I think it's absolutely wonderful that these "millenniums" have become "millenniumaires".

I read about the Cooks' success the same weekend of the sad death of pop singer Amy Winehouse. She was only 27, an apparently jinxed age for young entertainers, many of whom have died at that exact age. (Google it; it's spooky.)

Somehow I'm not worried that the Cooks are going to succumb to the same temptations that took down Amy Winehouse. Although their story is one of exceptional success very fast, they nevertheless made it the good old fashioned way, not just on looks or talent or luck, but perhaps all of the above plus perspicacity and the sweat equity of building a business.

We are blessed with more and more millennium generation customers. One walked in our door just the other day. She has just won a fashion design contest and is full of the excitement of being "on her way" in the fashion industry. Her enthusiasm is contagious - it made my day!

To that end, SouthStar is now on Facebook. I hope that many of you, novice and  veteran alike, will "like" us on Facebook and join the conversation, all part of the most entrepreneurial of industries in the American free market paradise - Sew-Biz!

We boomers still working on our first $100 million can both give to and gain from the millenniums. We may have a head start in terms of experience and know-how, but they can run faster...

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