Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Robbie's back!

We at SouthStar are delighted to welcome "ol' Sarge", Robbie Matthews, back to the fold!

Literally! Robbie's back to folding box flaps on your SouthStar packages after stuffing them with newspaper to cushion your goods against the cruel blows of the FedEx and UPS "logistics" experts.

Robbie has been with SouthStar since day 1 in 1989, but back in 2009 when it was apparent the downturn in the economy was about to take us down with it, he was "downsized" out with everybody else. Meanwhile he's found full time employment at a local hospital, but fortunately he can come in before his hospital shift and ship packages for us part time.

Robbie and wife Valerie have been married 37 years, raising five children. The grandchild count, so far, is just six...

Welcome back, Robbie Matthews!

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