Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Made in USA: SAS Shoes

Yes, you can still buy popular informal shoes styles made in the USA!

SAS Shoes - "SAS" stands for San Antonio Shoes - are not only made in America and are not only available in popular styles, but also are reasonably priced, top quality and very comfortable!

I've long been a fan of SAS shoes. In fact, the photo with this article shows my new pair of the "'Bout Time" style - next to my old pair, which I've been wearing just about every other day for the past five years! The lady in the SAS store told me that most customers wear their shoes about two years, that some like me wear them five years (rolling her eyes at this point), and she even has some who get ten years out of them (with a look of despair that makes me feel far superior to the the ten-year wearers).

I like the way SAS markets their shoes, too. They're sold only by independent businesses and they discourage e-commerce marketing. You walk in a store and all you see is SAS shoes - men's, women's, and kids', in all styles, all sizes, arranged up and down every wall and aisle. They come with a special washable foot-fitting insert and an extra pair of laces.

See the various styles and find an SAS shoes store location near you by clicking here. Then get out there and support your local retailer and another good Made in USA product!

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