Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Product: Steamboy Floor Cleaner

I have to admit, even though it's put out by one of our most "reliable" vendors, I was more than a little skeptical when I first looked at their advertisements for the Steamboy #T2, so it took me a while to order one in. Frankly, when they said it both sweeps and cleans, I couldn't figure out what use that was. It seemed like a gimmick, like when somebody pitches you a fabric cutter with a built-in flashlight. (We actually sell one of those. Click here to see it!)

A lot of my house is carpeted, but of course there's the kitchen which has linoleum, the bathrooms that have tile floors, and some other rooms with hardwood floors. These are not high priorities in my cleaning regimen, such as it is. What the vacuum cleaner doesn't get, I can pretty much live with. About once a month the kitchen floor gets so sticky and dingy that I'll have to clean it. That used to mean getting ammonia and water in a bucket and breaking out the old sponge mop. Faced with all that hassle, once a month stretched into more like once a quarter. 

I was tickled when Swiffers came out. They sufficed, but it took two pads to get my small kitchen floor clean. And then as slow as I was to get around to it, the pads were likely to dry out before I could use all that came in a package. Plus, the Swiffer mop apparatus was so flimsy that if it was a tough stain, I ended up on my hands and knees. No fun.

So even if I was skeptical about Steamboy, I was more than willing to check it out. What a revelation! It actually made cleaning the kitchen floor fun. No need for vacuuming. No ammonia. No chemical soaked pads.

Here's all you do: Fill it with water. Plug it in. Then while it's heating up to steam level, move it around your floor like a vacuum cleaner using the electric sweeper feature. It's quite good at getting up dust and miscellaneous items like leaves and stray Cheerios that you're dog missed. Once you've got the debris collected, then you move around the floor again, this time pressing the steamer button as you go. If you come over a tough stain, you dwell on it with the steam a couple of seconds and presto it's gone. At the end you have a nice clean floor and it's just a little damp. In five or ten minutes, it's nice and dry.

As long as your hardwood floors are finished, it works just as well on them as on linoleum. It does use a replaceable pad to wipe up the steam but it is real fabric and washable. Each unit is shipped with an extra pad and includes a hard water filter, which is also replaceable.

My only reservations about this product are twofold: It could use a longer power cord (easily remedied with an extension cord), and it is not exactly ruggedly constructed. It's hardier than the Swiffer getup, but it's no vacuum cleaner and you have to take some care with it or I imagine it would be easy to break the handle. Still its light weight and slim design makes it very maneuverable which is important for navigating around trash cans and toilets and such.

Best of all, we've got it on sale for only $129. Click here for more information and/or to order.

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