Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Made in USA: All American Carpenter Jeans

We at SouthStar love the American entrepreneurial spirit in SewBiz better than anybody. And there's hardly a better story to tell about it than All American Clothing Company. In fact, click here to read the story.

But today we're here to talk about their carpenter jeans. I recently acquired a pair. Why me? I'm not a carpenter. Well, there are good reasons to buy carpenter jeans. For one thing, they're looser than traditional straight leg jeans, allowing for easy movement for older bodies. For another, they have a special pocket on the thigh which is perfect for a cell phone. Normally, too, they have a hammer loop.

Frankly, with other carpenter jeans, I wish they'd lose the hammer loop. I don't carry a hammer around very often and on the perhaps one occasion that I have actually tried putting a hammer in the hammer loop, it was very awkward. Worse, I have a tendency to walk a little too close to things like filing cabinets and more than once I've nearly gotten whiplash from that empty hammer loop catching on a filing cabinet handle.

Guess what! The smart folks at All American Clothing company lost the loop on their carpenter jeans. Instead they added another pocket on the other thigh, one big enough to hold even a really smart, high IQ phone! And on top of that, they've added a gusset for even greater comfort and easy of movement.

Best of all, they're very reasonably priced, nicely tailored, and made right here in the U.S.A. out of all U.S. materials. They are Made in U.S.A. Certified and each pair comes with a traceability number with which you can trace its origin all the way back to the farms that grew the cotton. While you're looking at all that on their site, be sure to watch the video about how denim is made. It's amazing!

We've given favorable reviews to their polo shirts and their cargo shorts on this blog before, and we can say this now:

Way to go, All American! Your carpenter jean is a winner, too!

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