Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SouthStar: Where the Star Shops!

Folks, after 25 years of doing this, it could get boring... but it doesn't! At least not for long, as operating a business like SouthStar, like life itself,  is just full of surprises. So I don't know why I was so eager to get out of here one Thursday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, except the weather was gorgeous and I was taking Friday off. I told myself I'd stay until 4pm.

The phone rang about 3:55 and I debated whether to answer it, but I did. It was some guy trying to find us, and I had the hardest time getting him to our driveway as he kept going up and down the street missing it.

Meanwhile Pete the landlord came in with the supervisor of a new cleaning crew. He introduced me and told me that the actual cleaning lady was out in the parking lot and getting ready to come in. Right on cue, in came the new cleaning lady Myrna, and behind her a big gangly guy wearing earrings. Pete thought they were together, but I recognized the big guy as my customer. I say "recognized" because I assumed he was my customer, but really, though he looked familiar, I couldn't say for sure if I had seen him before.

Ms. Myrna & Sinbad at SouthStar
I was introduced to Myrna, then greeted my customer and hurried back to the stockroom to get his order. As I went I heard Ms. Myrna say, "Sinbad, what are you doin' here?" Then when I got back she was having her picture made with him. Still, I figured Sinbad was his nickname and they were just old friends. Pete meanwhile was really confused, thinking he'd come in with Myrna.

So when I wrote his order up, just so as not to look stupid, I asked his name. He looked at me as if I'd just landed on this planet, laughed and said, "Sinbad." Sure enough. And what a nice, pleasant fellow, just as he comes across on TV. I'm a real ignoramus on popular culture but when my kids were little, I remember watching his show with them because it was not only funny, but clean, too.

And speaking of family, it turns out that Sinbad was in town to help his daughter make a music video. And Ms. Myrna tells me that she not only met Sinbad that day, but met his daughter that night when she was working another job as a security guard!

All of which goes to show, if you put yourself out there, life, and life at SouthStar, is full of surprises.

I did not mind one bit, by the way, that my exodus from the office was delayed that day.

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