Monday, January 27, 2014

Made in USA: Pointer Brand Overalls

I promise we don't get a kickback from the Pointer Brand folks. It's just that their stuff really fits my lifestyle and it's top quality and reasonably priced. Not to mention, of course, made in U.S.A. I promise I'll move on to another product line next time out.

My lifestyle? Some folks would say that "life" and "style" are an oxymoron when applied to me. I once dated a girl whom my dear old verbally gifted Aunt Adine referred to as "sartorially splendid." I'm sure the girl's rating went up in that category just from standing next to me. She was, incidentally, a designer for an apparel company, back in the day. We didn't last long.

To get to the point, a year or so ago I ordered a pair of Pointer Brand's "Full Cut Hickory Stripe Carpenter Overalls (Wide Stripe)." When I'm not SouthStarrin', I have some land I like to work on way out in the country. You can quickly ruin shirts and even jeans out there, as for one thing there's a lot of clay. It's hard to wash out when you've been kneeling in the clay working to extract something like an old stand of barbed wire from your mower blade, %*&#!

And there are constantly things to get snagged on, not the least of which is hypodermic-quality thorn vines. I like to wear my jeans to work (see previous post), and as hayseed as its reputation may be, sporting overalls is not quite the bomb in Nashville, so I save the jeans for working in the city and the overalls are for the country. By the way, the tractor, the boots, and the workshirt in the picture are all made in the U.S.A., too.

Back to the overalls, the pockets are fabulous, especially the zippered bib pocket on the front, for all those things I need to carry around out there. They're 100% cotton and all that; you can read about all the features on Pointer Brand's web site. But here's what I like about them: They're loose cut, so they're easy to move around in. The legs have some extra length to them, so they cover my boots well, affording me extra protection from snakes. They are light enough to wear in summer (the one non-poisonous snake bite I've gotten was enough to cure me from wandering around out there in shorts) but give good coverage against winter winds (with plenty of room for long johns underneath). Speaking of pests, I think the high waist gives at least a bit of an advantage against ticks getting in. And they're durable; I must have washed them twenty or more times already and they're still good as new. They are available in denim and so forth, but I like to think I look quite stylish in my Hickory Stripes.

Of course, there are some things I don't like, but they're nuisances about overalls in general, not Pointer Brand's. Like straps always falling off the shoulder. But I think everyone, especially you pattern designers who have to carry a lot of compasses and rulers and pens and such, should have a good pair of overalls, and you know those tight fitting skinny jeans of yours are terrible for leaning over cutting tables. Support fellow American manufacturers and order a pair today. I promise you won't be sorry.

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